The Power of Vision *Vision in a Literal Sense

The ability to see is one of the most incredible human experiences and senses. Eyesight is truly a gift that allows us to experience everyday moments. There is so much beauty to witness on this planet that we call home. Breathtaking artwork. Creative architecture. Colorful, mouth-watering cuisines. The allure of nature and its changing seasons. Awe-inspiring cityscapes and landscapes. The bright faces of our friends, family, and even strangers we encounter. And so much more.

It’s no wonder that “Seeing is believing” is such a common saying. With sight, there is hope. There is hope that although there are hardships in life, there are many simple pleasures and moments to cherish.

The ability to see clearly is unfortunately not available to all. Not everyone has the opportunity to take in the vast beauty that is all around us. Good Vision USA wants to change that. By supporting GoodVision USA you can help more people have that wonderful experience of eyesight. To donate or become a volunteer, visit our website at: https://goodvisionusa.org/

Miracle Olatunji, October 2021