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OneDollarGlassesUSA changes name toGoodVisionUSA

Boston, 20 January, 2021 -  OneDollarGlasses USA (ODG) has announced that it is officially changing its name to GoodVision USA. The new name for the organization more robustly captures its central mission to provide people living in poverty access to vision care and affordable glasses, while simultaneously creating employment.

Founded in Germany in 2012 by inventor Martin Aufmuth, EinDollarBrille (translation OneDollarGlasses) delivered the world’s smallest eyeglass making factory, a suitcase sized system that requires no electricity, allowing the glasses to be made on-site with a material cost of around one dollar.

Today, the global organization, now known as GoodVision International, employs approximately 200 local optical technicians in 10 developing nations to screen vision patients and make customized eyeglasses. The name change serves to align the American organization with its international counterpart under a common umbrella in the effort to establish basic eye care for people worldwide.

GoodVision USA is committed to providing a complete solution to establish optical care and eyeglasses for those most in need. This includes local production of eyeglass frames, training of local opticians, free vision testing, immediate assembly & fitting, and long-term service for the glasses.

It is the vision of the organization to establish financially independent basic eye care programs in the world’s poorest countries and bring the opportunities of clear vision to everyone.

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