Introducing GoodVision Volunteer, Mirja Hoffman, Human Resources Manager

Mirja joined GoodVision as a volunteer 8 months ago to satisfy her passion for helping others and working with people from all over the world. What excites her the most about the GoodVision model, is not only the fact that people in need are provided access to glasses and clear vision, but also the positive economic impact that GoodVision has by creating local manufacturing and vision related jobs. With a Master’s degree in business and a professional career in Human Resources, Mirja focuses on volunteer recruitment and other HR related topics at GoodVision USA. Although busy with her full-time job at a global corporation, she manages to squeeze in her volunteer work in her “spare” time and has this to say: “What keeps me motivated every day is knowing that our work has an impact on so many people’s lives! I have spent the last few months researching and recruiting new volunteers, working with universities and colleges to get our name out there, and finding motivated people who share the same vision with us: to provide great optical care for everyone. We are an international group of volunteers and seeing everyone’s dedication and motivation is very inspiring.”