GoodVision USA team delivers supplies and support to Liberia

Members of the GoodVision USA team were greeted with excitement and warm Liberian hospitality in Monrovia early this month. Jomah Kollie, Executive Director of Refuge Place International, welcomed Rene von Künßberg (left), Jennifer Hyde, and Karsten Wolf (right). The visit made headlines in the local press, including The New Republic LiberiaHeritageThe New Dawn,  and GNN Liberia.


Rene, Jennifer, Karsten and Michael Schubert were able to deliver much-needed supplies to the GoodVision team in Monrovia. In addition, they congratulated and welcomed 11 new GoodVision Technicians, conducted sales and marketing training sessions, and made personal and lasting connections with our colleagues there.


GoodVision Technicians in Liberia are working hard to bring the life-changing benefit of vision correction to more people.  Your donation to GoodVision USA is makes this work possible! Please donate now and help GoodVision Technicians in Liberia bring improved vision to children and adults through eyeglasses.