GoodVision Technicians to be Trained in Liberia

Beginning in January 2021, Samuel Richards, our Optical Quality Assurance Officer from GoodVision Malawi, will travel to Liberia for the training of ten prospective GoodVision Technicians (GVTs). The new trainees will be instructed on the mission and vision of GoodVision and go through the intense training guided by the GoodVision optical manual. The GVT trainees will be assessed on three important components: theory, practical expertise and personal behavior. All of the trainees will undergo assessments throughout the training program and need to complete a final exam in order to obtain certification.

While in Liberia, Samuel will also provide a refresher training for our active GVTs, who had been working on local outreach projects in villages outside the capital, but whose work had been paused for many months due to the COVID pandemic. Samuel’s important work in Liberia will allow our organization to serve a larger number of people with poor eyesight, providing critical access to better vision. Look for an update on the graduation of these talented students!