Togar Tarr, GoodVision Technician in Liberia



What does it take to be a GoodVision Technician?

To become a GoodVision technician, you not only need dedication and commitment, you also need the ability to identify those who require glasses, even when the people themselves are unaware of the critical benefits of clear sight or the fact that affordable glasses do exist.

That’s where GoodVision Technicians, or GVTs, come in. In Liberia, where access to vision care is extremely limited, GVTs have undergone professional training that makes them experts in the field. Leading optical outreach programs at schools, religious institutions, and community centers, they are able to identify those in need, provide vision screenings, and dispense affordable glasses to the people who need them most.

One such devoted technician is Togar G. Tarr, 28, who has been working as a GVT for over 18 months. After losing his parents as a child, the community took him in and helped him complete his schooling. Prior to becoming a GVT, he worked as a nurse’s aide at Refuge Place International (RPI), GoodVision’s partner organization in Liberia.

Togar has led dozens of outreach events.  Along with a team of other technicians, he has organized events across Liberia, sometimes traveling to destinations on foot or by motorbike when roads are not passable by car.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Togar and his fellow GVTs have continued to provide vision care while ensuring patient safety. When outreach events were paused due to government-mandated travel restrictions and school closures, Togar continued to provide vision screenings to patients on-site at the Refuge Place clinic instead.

Togar enjoys his role as a GVT because he is able to impact the lives of schoolchildren and others in need of glasses in Liberia. He has seen how the GVT outreach teams are welcomed with open arms in the communities where they work. Togar is excited to continue working with GoodVision to provide critical services to improve the sight of his fellow citizens.

“Working with RPI has been my dream, because of where I come from and giving back to the same community is the greatest pride for me and to continue to become a full technician under GoodVision. People within my community called me born to suffer child but today I am grateful for the level where God has placed me and also grateful to RPI for everything and the GoodVision team for thinking about helping Liberians.” – Togar Tarr

Togar Tarr providing an eye test.

  “…giving back to the same community is the greatest pride for me…”

-Togar Tarr, GVT