Global Vision Care

The state of health equity in eye care globally is important to pay attention to. There is a great need for population eye health care and resources. It is an essential aspect of overall health and quality of life as it impacts students’ performance in school, safety on the job, and the ability to go about day-to-day activities. 
However, high-quality eye health services are often not universally delivered. This is especially the case in low middle-income countries whose populations suffer far more in blindness and visual impairment. Various social determinants, including access or lack of access to education, poverty, physical distance challenges, and socio-cultural factors, may all contribute towards inequitable access to eye care services. The pandemic and supply chain disruptions have added to these challenges. 
Organizations and various stakeholders are collaborating to create and implement innovative solutions. GoodVision is working to close this gap for vision services.  GoodVision not only provides free eye tests and affordable glasses, but also provides job opportunities to young people in developing countries. To find those in need of vision correction, GoodVision Technicians lead outreach programs where they visit schools, religious institutions, and community centers to provide screenings and distribute affordable glasses to those who cannot see clearly. 
Visit our website GoodVision USA to learn how to support our mission;  everyone on earth deserves the dignity and opportunity of GoodVision.

-Miracle Olatunji