Award for Janmajai| © Antje Christ

Happy With A New Job

Janmajay is our recently trained eyewear manufacturer in India. He lost his right leg as a child when he fell out of a tree while playing – a branch pierced his thigh and unfortunately his leg could not be saved. In addition to this accident, Janmajay is almost deaf.

Janmajay is 43 years old and has had many jobs in the past.  One of these was a small electrician business he opened, but the income was not enough to live on. As a glasses’ manufacturer for Care Netram (ODG’s partner in India), he now has a fixed income for the first time in his life. With this salary he is able to take care of himself, his wife, 14-year-old son and parents. He lives with them and a younger brother in the Kurda district, 50 kilometers away from his job. During the work week, he shares a room in the city with a colleague.

 Janmajai at work | © Martin Aufmuth

When he drives home for the weekend, he occasionally buys sweets for his son, a luxury the family could not afford in the past. Janmajay says his biggest wish is for a smartphone to keep in touch with his family during the week. It’s a wish that could easily become a reality for him in the future, given his regular income!

“My disability is not a problem here.”

Janmajay Mohapatra (43), Bhubaneshwar in India