How strong are the OneDollarGlasses?

As part of our technical training in Burkina Faso (West Africa), our GoodVision Technicians learn how to repair bent glasses for customers.

For this exercise, we needed to bend the glasses frames. First, we stood on it with our feet, but that didn’t bend the frame. Next, we rolled over it with a motorcycle. That was also not enough to bend the frames enough to need repair. Then, our project manager drove the jeep over his glasses …

The result was a bent frame with the lenses popped out. Dafrassin, our production manager took his pliers and started the repair.

After a short 2 minutes, Daffrasin proudly put on the glasses he had repaired. Only the plastic lenses had a few scratches!

“These glasses are really indestructible.”

Dafrassin, Production Manager (Burkina Faso)