Alceneide on her sewing machine | © Antje Christ

Alceneide´s precious glasses fell into the river

Alceneide lives in a small village on the Amazon. She received her first pair of OneDollarGlasses a year ago. The glasses are very important for her ability to sew for her 5 children and 15 grandchildren. She tells us: “When I was recently out on the river, in the jungle with my canoe, a branch hit me on the head – my glasses fell into the water and went under. In desperation I took my children to dive for the glasses.”

 Kanu | © Martin Aufmuth

A Three Hour Search

Finally, after three hours of diving, one of her sons found the glasses and brought the them back to her!  Alceneide is now beaming, happy again at her sewing machine.

Alceneide sews a dress for her granddaughter | © Martin Aufmuth

“I got the fright of my life when my glasses fell into the river.”

Alceneide, Amazonas (Brazil)